How To Organise an X Factor-Style Karaoke Contest

Karaoke has become a bit of a joke with visions of inebriated patrons entertaining their equally inebriated audience in a bar. Or some drunken girl or guy deciding they need to show the world that they are over their ex by belting out the current ‘man (or woman) done me wrong’ song. However, karaoke is redeeming itself with the advent of shows like American Idol and the X Factor.

Regardless of talent, people love to sing and if you’re looking for a fun and different party idea, try an X Factor-style Karaoke Contest and here’s how you do it. If you don’t yet have a karaoke machine, we’d recommend looking at The Box Tiger’s recommendations.

  • 1. Get A Karaoke Machine: If you or one of your friends doesn’t already own one, you can check on line to buy one cheaply. An alternative is renting, which many party stores can do for a nominal fee.
  • 2. Pick Your Venue: Depending on the amount of people you are inviting and the size of your home, you might be able to do it at your house or apartment. As long as there is a space you can clear off for a stage and plenty of seating, you should be in business. But remember these types of contests can get loud so if you have stern neighbors, you might want to give them notice or better yet, invite them.
  • 3. Invite Your Guests: Once you know the venue, then you will know how many people you can invite. You want a good crowd but not so many that people are sitting on top of each other. This is also the type of event where you want to invite your more fun and adventurous friends. It won’t make your party as much good if no one wants to get up and sing.
  • 4. Take Requests: Most Karaoke machines come loaded with songs, but it doesn’t hurt to contact your contestants for special requests. This way everyone can sing the song of their choice and this is a good way to build anticipation for the contest.
  • 5. Pick Judges: Three is a good number and it also reduces the chances of a tie. Pick judges that can judge kindly but fairly as you don’t want any hurt feelings since this is all in good fun.
  • 6. Pick Your Prizes: The prizes don’t have to be expensive as this type of karaoke contest is merely for the bragging rights. Toy trophies or medals will work fine.
  • 7. Take Care Of The Rest Of Your Party: The above items refer to the karaoke contest part of the party, but since this is a party, there will be other details to attend to, such as: food, drink and who is responsible for each.

An X Factor-Style Karaoke Contest is a fun way to take your party to the next level for very little investment. So the next time you are throwing a party, consider a karaoke contest for a party that your guest will talk about for years.