Alien Life: Role Of Exobiology In The Field

Did you know that Exobiology is a legit science that studies the A to Z of extraterrestrial life? I mean it includes everything, right from the possible ways of origin and subsequent evolution, to the possible distribution, sustenance, adaptation, various methods of detection and so on and so forth. You know, there is also another term to denote this particular field of study, and it is rightfully termed as astrobiology.

Now, here’s one piece of thought that keeps recurring to me. Time and again, it is reiterated that there is no fool proof method to absolutely prove the existence of extraterrestrial life. Also, there has been no hundred percent staunch evidence of alien life so far. Yet, the scientific community has put together an extensive field of study on the said topic, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify the millions of dollars that are being spent for various research studies in this field. So having said this, I come back to my fundamental question- is the entire fraternity of astronauts, scientists and biologists hiding something from us, from our primitive age of being a Neanderthal, just not to spread panic or create a havoc-causing situation?

Yes, this is very much possible. And this is exactly my point. That alien life exists affirmatively. I’m also sure that the aliens have tried to make contact with earth. Otherwise how can you explain the various UFO sightings that have been claimed by people in different parts of the world with no specific link to one another?

What is the Fermi Paradox?

It’s not as though I’m the first one to have penned down my thoughts regarding the high probability of extraterrestrial life in reality. No, this is absolutely not true, and it would be quite presumptuous of me to think otherwise. Actually, it was Italian Scientist Enrico Fermi who came up with the concept of the Fermi Paradox, which is nothing but the paradox that illustrates the contrast between the dire lack of evidence of alien life as compared to the full-fledged possibility of the same.

The paradox theory states that there are billions of stars in the universe, and it is bound to happen so that there would be several other stars like the sun as well as several other life-friendly planets like the earth. While the human race has not mastered the feat of interstellar travel, it is but a matter of time before some other life form in some other galaxy develops it and comes looking for other life forms.